Crystal Healing  (In Person)

Single Treatment

Duration: 1 hr 30 mins


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Practiced by ancient cultures from every corner of the world, healing crystals can align, clear and transform energy of our mind, body and soul. Holding and placing crystals around the body infuses the positive and healing energy of crystals bespoke to your needs, with your body’s own energy field- also known as your chakras.

Healing energy flows into the body to release negative emotions and blockages causing pain and imbalance, realigning energy to help you heal in a peaceful and compassionate way.

Non-invasive and extremely relaxing, this healing treatment is perfectly aligned to issues with stress, anxiety, physical and emotional pain, tension and sleeping.

The Experience

“During my treatment with Michaela I felt moving hot and cold sensations from my head to root chakra, and intense gripping and releasing of my lower back muscles where I have chronic pain from a spinal injury (and it’s also the place I store emotions). Breathing through the sensations, letting them come and go, I fell in to a deeply calm state for a long time before I suddenly felt a great rush of energy lift from my body; tears were falling, and I was surprised to feel something heavy and painful literally lift out of me. I was left feeling tingling sensations from head to toe, warmth moving like a wave through me and an indescribable lightness.

After the session, it was incredible to hear how Michaela described the visions she’d seen during the session matched with the sensations and feelings I had felt. The gift Michaela can bring through her sessions is priceless. I would recommend Michaela’s unique reiki practice to anyone who is interested in energy work and healing.”

Meryn Pillay, Brand Consultant