Reiki (In Person) (Distance)

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Duration: 1 hr 30 mins


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Practiced since the 1800’s, Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that moves universal life energy through the body to support a kind and peaceful healing process.

When we are hurt physically or emotionally, energy can stagnate in the body and cause suffering. Reiki creates a sense of inner peace to remove these blockages and allow the free flow of life force energy.

Working through our chakras, this non-invasive, hands-free therapy is deeply connective and healing for a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, fatigue, phobias, emotional and physical pain, and stress.

The Experience

“I wanted to try Reiki for relaxation but found it hard to let myself go into the experience. Michaela’s incredible energy, intuition and medium skills helped me feel a deep sense of relaxation. I was amazed by the subconscious feelings, emotions and images that Michaela picked up on during our session as only I could have possibly known them. Thank you so much

Alex Sini, Financial Controller